Repairs & Jewelry Care

Since our brass jewelry is plated, we are not able to repair any brass jewelry. However, we are able to repair sterling silver jewelry. We ask that you reach out to for all repair inquires Items that need repair within 60 days of purchase will not incur a repair fee. After this window, repairs start at $25 but can vary depending on materials and the extent of the repair.

Jewelry Care
To ensure the life of brass and sterling silver jewelry, please store jewelry in original Sienna Sumavielle Jewelry pouch that we provide. Please do not expose your jewelry to water.  Please remove your jewelry while exercising, bathing, and swimming. Please avoid contact with harsh chemicals such as perfume, lotion, hair products,chlorine, and detergents. Sienna Sumavielle Jewelry recommends cleaning your jewelry using a damp, soft cloth. Do not use jewelry cleaners or polishing cloths as this will affect the finish.